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medical tourism
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views: 597
Pharmaceutical tourism development prospects in the region of southern Poland Background. The number of foreign patients in pharmacies is relatively on the increase, which contributes to the development of medical tourism, especially of one of its categories – pharmaceutical tourism. This requires estimation of the foreign patients segment, determination of the sociodemographic profile of the “pharmaceutical tourist”, identification of the tourist’s purchase-related behav...
medical tourism in poland
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views: 614
types of tourism
typy ruchu turystycznego
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views: 648
plastic surgery
surgical removal procedures
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views: 623
Nowadays, the act of taking care of one’s appearance has become a marker of a healthy lifestyle among both women and (mostly metrosexual) men. Physical activity plays a minor role, and tourist trips are more and more frequently combined with the consumption of medical services, including surgery and aesthetic dermatology. The aim of this study is to explain the phenomenon of medical tourism, particularly the specialized category of medical tourism for liposuction treatment...
medical tourism in cee
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views: 638
Medical tourism potential of CEE is currently not clearly identified due to the lack of data concerning the number of medical tourists in respective countries. The aim of the present study is to shed light on potential research topics in the field of medical tourism. A detailed analysis of scientific and consulting literature was used to identify the elements of medical tourism potential. The agglomerative clustering algorithm forms distinct groups of countries that are si...
teoria polityki
aksjomaty oddzielania
contributors: 2
views: 413
typy ruchu turystycznego
types of tourism
doktryny polityki gospodarczej
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tourism in the republic of ireland
graphic design
types of tourism
oxford brookes university
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views: 588
Article focuses on sport and tourism as important components of place branding process (national, regional and local). At the beginning, the literature in the field of place branding was reviewed. Next, the article discusses the importance of creating brand image on a domestic (national), regional and local (city) scale, including the subjects (stakeholders) involved in this process. This article also presents arguments in favor of the use of the area of tourism and sport ...
sports medicine
neurological disorders
choroby układu nerwowego
contributors: 1
views: 463
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